100 Secret Rock Albums from The 1980s: A Woebot Spreadsheet         Mar-13
Genre Artist Title Label Year Reissue Label EP * Rec/ ** Highly Rec
UK Post-Punk Swell Maps in Jane from "Occupied Europe" Rough Trade 1980     **
UK Post-Punk Family Fodder Monkey Banana Kitchen Fresh 1980     *
UK Post-Punk Blurt In Berlin Armageddon 1981      
UK Post-Punk Dif Juz Vibrating Air 4AD 1981   EP *
UK Post-Punk Section 25 From The Hip Factory 1984      
UK Post-Punk Flaming Tunes Flaming Tunes - 1985 Blackest Ever Black   *
UK Post-Punk Camberwell Now The Ghost Trade Ink 1986      
UK Post-Punk Wire Snakedrill Mute 1986   EP  
US Post-Punk Polyrock Polyrock RCA 1980      
US Post-Punk Pylon Chomp DB 1983     *
US Post-Punk The Feelies The Good Earth Coyote 1986     *
US Post-Punk Tom Verlaine Flash Light Fontana 1987     **
Industrial Lemon Kittens We buy a hammer for Daddy United Dairies 1980      
Industrial Factrix Scheintot Adolescent 1981      
Industrial Nurse With Wound Soliloquy For Lilith Idle Hole Records 1988      
No Wave John Gavanti John Gavanti Hyrax 1980      
No Wave Jody Harris/Robert Quine Escape Lust/Unlust 1981   EP  
No Wave The Del Byzanteens Lies To Live By Don't Fall Off The Mountain 1982      
No Wave Jody Harris One Night Press 1982      
No Wave The Golden Palominos The Golden Palominos Celluloid 1983      
No Wave James Blood Ulmer Odyssey CBS 1983      
No Wave Live Skull Live Skull Massive 1985   EP  
NDW AbwŠrts Amok Koma Zickzack 1980      
NDW Siluetes 61 Untitled Zickzack 1980      
NDW VK88 Alles †ber Atemtechnik Der Letzte Schrei! 1981   EP  
NDW S.Y.P.H. 4.LP Pure Freude 1981     **
NDW Matthias Schuster Atemlos Konkurrenz 1981     *
NDW Silvia Silvia Schall 1982     *
NDW Tommi Stumpf Zu SpŠt Ihr Schei§er. Hier Ist: Tommi Stumpff Schall 1982     *
NDW Sprung Aus Den Wolken Untitled Faux Pas 1982      
NDW Die Tšdliche Doris " " Zickzack 1982      
NDW Holger Hiller Ein BŸndel FŠulnis In Der Grube Ata Tak 1983     **
Belgium Minimal Compact Minimal Compact Crammed Discs 1981   EP  
Belgium Antena Camino Del Sol Les Disques Du CrŽpuscule 1982 Permanent Vacation    
Belgium Bene Gesserit FaSHioN iS a DiRTy WoRD Dead Man's Curve 1987     **
Belgium Hector Zazou Reivax Au Bongo Made To Measure 1988      
Electronic Units Digital Simulation Very Safe 1980      
Electronic John Foxx Metamatic Virgin 1980      
Electronic Craig Leon Nommos Takoma 1981     *
Electronic Chris and Cosey Trance CTI 1982      
Electronic Iko 83 Manhattan - Formula 1982 Democratic DanceBeat  
Electronic John Bender Pop Surgery Record Sluts 1983      
Electronic Ryuichi Sakamoto Esperanto Midi 1985      
Rhythm Lizzy Mercier Descloux Mambo Nassau Phillips 1980      
Rhythm Creation Rebel Starship Africa On-U 1980     *
Rhythm The Police Zenyatta Mondatta A&M 1980     **
Rhythm Indoor Life Indoor Life Celluloid 1981   EP  
Rhythm Material Memory Serves Celluloid 1981      
Rhythm Jah Wobble/The Edge/Holger Czukay Snake Charmer Island 1983   EP  
Rhythm Deadline Down By Law Celluloid 1985      
Rhythm Gettovetts Missionaries Moving Island 1988      
Rhythm World Domination Enterprises Lets play Domination Product 1988     **
Rhythm The Beatnigs The Beatnigs Alternative Tentacles 1988      
Rhythm Nona Hendryx Skindiver Private 1989      
Roots X Wild Gift Slash 1981     *
Roots The Gun Club Fire Of Love Ruby 1981     *
Roots Tav Falco's Panther Burns Behind The Magnolia Curtain Fan Club 1981      
Roots Mekons Fear and Whiskey Sin 1985      
Roots Savage Republic Ceremonial Independent Project 1986      
Roots Thin White Rope Moonhead Frontier 1987     **
Metal Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law Fame 1980      
Metal Venom Black Metal Neat  1982      
Artcore Squirrel Bait Skag Heaven Homestead 1986      
Artcore Scratch Acid Beserker Fundamental 1986   EP  
Artcore Pussy Galore Exile On Main Street Shove 1986      
Artcore Blind Idiot God Blind Idiot God SST 1987      
Artcore Tar Babies Fried Milk SST 1987      
Artcore Rapeman Two Nuns And A Pack Mule Blast First 1988     *
Artcore Die Kreuzen Century Days Touch and Go 1988      
Artcore Bitch Magnet Umber What Goes On 1989      
Artcore fIREHOSE "fROMOHIO" SST 1989      
Artcore Nomeansno Wrong Alternative Tentacles 1989      
Indie Televison Personalities ÉAnd Don't The Kids Just Love It Rough Trade 1981     **
Indie Blue Orchids The Greatest Hit Rough Trade 1982     **
Indie Felt Forever Breathes The Lonely Word Creation 1986      
Indie The Woodentops Giant Rough Trade 1986      
Indie The Membranes Songs Of Love And Fury In Tape 1986      
Indie It's Immaterial Life's Hard Then You Die Siren 1986      
Indie Loop Heavens End Head 1987     **
Indie Beat Happening Jamboree 53rd & 3rd 1988     *
Indie Hugo Largo drum Land 1988      
Indie V/A Shadow Factory Sarah 1988     *
Indie The Field Mice Coastal Sarah 1990     **
Goth Virgin Prunes ÉIf I Die, I die Rough Trade 1982      
Goth Sisters of Mercy Floodland WEA 1987     *
New Age Penguin CafŽ Orchestra Penguin CafŽ Orchestra EG 1981     *
New Age Virginia Astley From Gardens Where We Feel Secure Rough Trade 1983      
New Age Constance Demby Novus Magnificat Hearts Of Space 1986     *
Old Timers Asmus Tietchens NachtstŸcke Egg 1980     *
Old Timers Holger Czukay On The Way To The Peak Of Normal EMI 1981     **
Old Timers Michael Rother FernwŠrme Polydor 1981      
Out Luxikon II Echospace Pandora 1980      
Out Bernard Szajner Some Deaths Take Forever Initial 1980      
Out GhŽdalia Tazarts Transports Cobalt 1980      
Out V/A Bowling Balls from Hell Clone 1980      
Out 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts Armageddon 1980      
Out The Red Crayola with Art & Language Kangaroo Rough Trade 1981      
Out Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Magnetic Flip Ace of Hearts 1984     *
Out Peter Zummo Zummo With An X Loris  1985 Optimo    
Out Matthew Young Traveler's Advisory Mt. Rose 1986 Drag City    
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